• Karly Pacher

Step Into The Shoes Of A Personal Concierge

Have you ever wondered what a personal concierge actually does all day?

I often get funny looks when people hear my job title. A lot of the time, I am the first personal concierge people meet or talk to, because it’s not a massive industry here yet. The whole what do you do? question used to be much easier to answer back when I could just say that I was a receptionist…

What Do You Do?

As a personal concierge, it’s more like… what don’t I do? That’s the short version. But since you’re here, I’ll give you the proper, longer version too.

I sat down, looked at my calendar, and tallied up everything I did at work for an entire week. If you were to open up my diary, this is basically what you’d see

As you can see, it’s a pretty full week. But to see exactly how much time I spent on each activity, I added it all up, plus travel time in between jobs. Here’s what the totals came to:

* I house/pet-sat overnight for two nights, so I included all the hours I spent at the house and caring for the pets (including sleeping), which is why the total number of hours is quite high for this week.

What I do is a little bit of everything, but mainly decluttering, organising, and cleaning people’s homes, with a bit of admin, errands, and general tasks on the side. And because I’m always on the move between different clients all over Brisbane, I do a lot of travel throughout the week.

What It’s Like to be a Personal Concierge… Every week is different

Let’s be clear: this was a particularly busy week. I hardly had time to catch my breath. You’ll note that I didn’t track a lot of personal care things like eating, showering, going to the bathroom, and just resting. To be honest, I didn’t have much time for these things, and a lot of the time, I ate meals on the fly between jobs.

But other weeks, I’ll have some space in my day to sit down, work on my business admin, catch up with friends, cook a beautiful meal for my family, and generally do life at a slower pace. And of course, plan ahead so that I can survive the crazy busy weeks when they do happen.

No two weeks (or even days) are ever the same when you’re a personal concierge, and that’s a big part of why I love it.

Every personal concierge is different

No two personal concierges offer the exact same service. While my zone of genius is organising and decluttering, other personal concierges might focus more on errand running, organising events and travel, cleaning, or taking your dog for a walk.

A personal concierge works to make your life easier and give you back more free time, which usually includes a wide range of services to help out around your home or small business. It’s like having a super versatile personal assistant who can go everywhere (not just in your business).

So, if you’re ever in need of help with something or you’re short on time, just ask your personal concierge – you might be surprised by what they can do for you.

I make an impact

I love seeing the difference I can make in other people’s lives. Nearly every work hour I have tracked here means my clients are getting an hour or more of free time or family time they wouldn’t otherwise have. And my business clients get to increase their productivity in their business.

Basically, I help people get the thing back that they value the most – time!

I work long hours, but it’s worth it!

The total number of hours I spent working or travelling between jobs during the week was 92.5 hours. I took Sunday off, so if you average that across 6 days, I worked an average of 15 hours per day.

Of course, the results are a little exaggerated this week because I spent two evenings house and pet sitting, but if you take those evenings out, I still worked over 60 hours for the entire week.

I also didn’t include time after hours doing things like emailing invoices, following up with clients, booking appointments, and other little admin tasks that have to be done to keep my business ticking along.

Yep, it’s a long and tiring week… but so worth it because I get to work for myself, on my terms, doing what I enjoy, and helping other people.

It’s a good way to get fit

I love wearing my FitBit tracker… not because I’m trying to get fit, but because it’s always quite fascinating to see how much exercise I manage to do while I’m at work.

I’ve pulled data from my FitBit app that shows a standard work day compared to a day where I mostly clean. As you can see, even on the standard days, I move about a lot… but on the cleaning days? I managed almost 15km all while working! No wonder I need new shoes all the time.

The best bit is the variety

Just to be clear – I really love what I do! This isn’t meant to be a complain-fest.

Above all else, I love that the work is always different and that I get to use my creativity, problem solving, and organisation skills in different ways. I can spend one day turning someone’s home inside out (in the best possible way) with a declutter, and the next day running errands or packaging up deliveries for a business client.

What do you need to start outsourcing?

Personal concierges (like me) are many people’s secret to keeping their lives running smoothly behind the scenes. Sometimes getting help with one or two things each week can make a huge difference to your free time and energy.

Think about it… if you tracked your time like I did this week, how many hours would be leftover for all the fun stuff and family time?

If you’re based in Brisbane (and surrounds), get in touch with me to free up some time!

It’s your time now…



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